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My goal is to consistently deliver creative, scalable web designs and solutions that reflect the personality, needs, and vision of my clients. The success of your online and offline branding, communications and marketing strategy is, and always will be my goal.


Websites and mobile websites are often the first way a client learns about your business and a great first impression is key.  Hosting and email accounts are also available for a worry free web solution.


My pharmacy web sites are HIPPA compliant with available SSL encrypted forms and a password protected location to download the completed form with the customer’s personal information.

The new Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy Web Site.  This site was created for a growing company that's opening a new location and adding to their expanding product line.       View


MTS Corporate Website.  This site needed to be large to display the MTS product line.       View


Medication Solutions           View


Financial Services              View


MTS Website for Australia.   View


Mobile WebSite                  View


Online Training

Video training for equipment and software that can be accessed online by employees and customers.  Click the image above to watch. They can also be viewed on a QR Code activated mobile website, please see below.


QR Code Activated Mobile Websites

Download one of the many QR Code reading apps for your iphone, android phone, ipad or other tablet and test out the QR Codes below.  You can download these apps from the Apple app store or Google play store.


Place a QR Code on your business card to make it easy for your customers to reach you.


Home page.


Specs. page.


Contacts page.


Video page.


Place a QR Code on a brochure, trade show graphic, postcard or slick to give your customers instant access to videos, specifications and contact information.


Place a QR Code on your equipment so your customers will have instant access to your training videos.


Video menu page.


Instructional vldeo on a tablet


Instructional vldeo on a smart phone


Media for Product, Manufacturing & Pharmacy

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