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As a video producer my job is to simplify the sometimes complex structure of a business. To make it easier for the viewer to understand who you are, what you do and how you do it. My process follow videos (what I call them) help illustrate the sometimes complicated process that your equipment goes through to produce the finished product or service.


As you know nothing is more valuable to a company than a happy satisfied customer talking about the benefits of your product or service.  I'll help you to get that on tape and before your potential customers.


Your video will be shot in wide format, high resolution, edited in Final Cut Pro and output to formats for CDs, DVDs, web sites and mobile web sites.




Online Training Videos

Video training for equipment and software that can be accessed online by employees and customers.  Click the image above to watch. They can also be viewed on a QR Code activated mobile website, please Click Here.


Multilingual Training Videos



The UK division was distributing a new deblsitering machine throughout Europe.  One of their goals was to provide video training on DVDs, CDs and online to help cut down on the amount of calls that they might expect.  So I created the same training video in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.












DVD and CD Mastering

DVD and CD mastering, with and without menus.  Disk artwork design and packaging available.


Media for Product, Manufacturing & Pharmacy

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