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From the smallest product to the largest, my photography will make your product stand out in every brochure, web site or trade show graphic.


With almost 30 years of lighting experience, my shooting style is clean and creative.

Pharmacy Punch Cards

Shooting white while holding the texture on the surface of the paper or card can be hard to photograph.  I've had to develop different techniques for shooting these cards during my 7 years at MTS Medication Technologies.  Below are samples of some of the many cards I've shot.


A Skilled Photoshop Artist with Emphasis on Compositing and Image Design.

I believe that the best images are designed and not just shot.  Most product images that I shoot have been designed in my head before the shoot.  Product images, especially large ones can't be created with a single shot.  My job is to break it apart, light the individual elements and then to assemble them into perfectly lit final images.


That's the fun part of my job...

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